Dairying for Tomorrow- A practical natural resource management (NRM) program to secure the future of Australia’s dairy farms.

Dairying for Tomorrow supports dairy farmers and the industry reduce their environmental footprint by enabling activities such as reduced on-farm fertiliser loss, improved effluent systems, retaining native bush and the fencing of waterways.

Profitable Dairying in a Carbon Constrained Future

The aim of Profitable Dairying in a Carbon Constrained Future is to build farmer and service provider understanding about strategies to reduce emissions, including opportunities available through the Australian Governments Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

Activities being implemented include:

  • Resource Use Efficiency Focus Farms
  • Resource use efficiency workshops and programs including Fert$mart
  • Development of resources and guidelines.


Understanding Climate Risk

A symposium on understanding climate risks, legal liabilities and opportunities for dairy businesses was held in Melbourne on Wednesday April 5 2017. To view presentations click here


NRM Resources Review

This report provides a preliminary overview of the natural resource management (NRM) tools, resources and policies relevant to the Australian dairy industry. Specifically it profiles existing and emerging NRM resources across 10 topics – climate change, water, effluent, biodiversity and waterways, composting, soils, fertiliser and off farm nutrient loss, energy, land management and recycling.

The NRM Resource Resource Review November 2016 is a working document and input is welcome.

Natural resource management works

Since 2000 Australian dairy farmers have made significant improvements in how they manage soil, water, fertiliser and biodiversity. More farmers now soil test and use nutrient management plans. They have also fenced off more waterways to protect them from stock and revegetated areas to increase farm biodiversity. These changes have been facilitated by partnerships between farmers, Dairy Australia, milk processors and Regional NRM bodies.

Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework NRM Survey 2015

Dairying for Tomorrow Newsletter

The DfT team would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the newsletter over the years with a special thanks to the editor, Gillian Hayman. Whilst this the final Dairying for Tomorrow newsletter in its current form there will be ongoing Dairying for Tomorrow updates.

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